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Modern twist on the traditional “Fishermen Pant” with skirt options. Wrap around trousers with popper detail to create a skirt option, in a selection of patterned cotton fabrics with minimum drape.

Special features

  • Adjustable waistband with ‘D’ ring fastening that can be worn on the waist or hips to suit your style.
  • Extensive options for multiple style skirts with interesting hemline.
  • Popper up the hemline and you’ve added the option of trousers.

To sum it up!

A skirt with the beauty of optional waist and leg lines to suit your style and occasion. Add elegance to your wardrobe which fits and complements your style, outfit and body shape. Multiple ptions to wear the hemline in a range of styles the Malee Skirt gives you versatility. Pop up the hemline and you have trousers that are practical, stylish and beautifully designed.

Malee Trousers/skirt - patterned cotton

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