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Endless elegant looks!

Versatile sleeveless ‘A’ line dress in a cotton fabric with train like-extension of the front hem.

Special features -

  • Loop it up to the front and tie high, mid or low waistband to suit your mood and style.
  • Fasten around the neckline for evening elegance.
  • Convert to a flattering and comfortable jumpsuit.
  • Perfect before, during and after pregnancy.

To sum it up!

It’s the most beautiful, versatile and comfortable item in your wardrobe! The genius of the design means you create a dress to suit your style, body shape and occasion. Ever said, I wish I hadn’t worn a dress? adapt it and wear it as a jumpsuit. Out all day and want to stand out at night? switch to a halter neck and raise the hemline. The Marci Dress is the “go to” dress with a twist, suitable for just about any occasion.

Marci Dress - Cotton

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